Fall 2014 DJ Signups


Keweenawesomefest 2014 Live Stream

Can’t make it to kfest this year? No bigs; hit up the live Stream and jam out!

Keweenawesomefest 2014!

Ello ladies and gents! K-Fest 2014 is only a week away! One night tickets are $5 and tickets for both nights are only $7. Come jam with us at McArdle theatre on April 11th and 12th!


Going Off-Air for Scheduled Maintenance

Real talk update: Maintenance went surprisingly well. Completed by 9:50pm

Real talk: WMTU will be going off-air for maintenance TONIGHT from 8-10 PM. After that we’ll be back on-air for regularly scheduled shows. We regret nothing and will not apologize. You’ll thank us later.